Sermons & Speeches

Salem has a history of recording remarks given by those who address the congregation at the annual reunion.  Every year’s service includes both a welcome speech from the board president and a homily from the visiting preacher.

2018 – Sunday, August 5
John Rhoades, Board President – Independence of Faith
Rev. Laura Bentley

2017 – Sunday, August 6
John Rhoades, Board President – Simple Gifts
Rev. Bryan “Jeff” Powell

2016 – Sunday, August 7
John Rhoades, Board President – Hiraeth
Rev. Randy Bush

2015 – Sunday, August 2
John Rhoades, Board President – Our Sanctuary
Rev. Derek Davenport – Seeking Sanctuary

2014 – Sunday, August 3
John Rhoades, Board President – Croeso Cynnes I Bawb

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