The bard is to Wales as the cowboy is to the United States of America; it is impossible to think of the personage without thinking of the nation.  Salem embraces that tradition by inviting singers, orators, poets, and musicians to join us.  But we also encourage our members to bring out the inner bard within each of them.

Salem has been blessed with many great performers and performances.  We will post many of those here.

The 2015 North American Festival of Wales (NAFOW) included two stellar performances from Salem members, Carol Ellis and Nic Schumer.  They competed in a traditional Welsh performance competition called an Eisteddfod. In short, an Eisteddfod is a set of competitions, each one a different category of Welsh cultural performance.

It came as a delight—but no surprise—that our outstanding Gymanfa Ganu leader, Carol Ellis, won the WNAA Past Presidents’ Award in Hymn Singing.

A happy win came to Nic Schumer, who illuminated the congregation at this year’s Salem reunion. Nic won the award for Welsh Learner’s Recitation.

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