175 Years!

This is a momentous year for Salem. 175 years ago, a group of Welshmen and Welshwomen met in the North Ebensburg home of Thomas and Rachel Davis to found this Calvinistic Methodist Church. Immigrants, who had traveled from the coal country of South Wales to settle in the coal county of Cambria County, PA, founded a church called Salem that would keep their old country traditions alive, but enable them to create new ones for their new life. The enduring Cambrian traditions laid down by the founders and the faithful who have carried this congregation forward over so many lifetimes continue to be renewed today!

5 thoughts on “175 Years!

  1. Please put me on your mailing list so I can attend next year. My mother`s mother and father were Welsh. He was a coal miner and died about 1900 in Pittsburgh area. My grandmother was born in Hecla, a coal mining town near Mt. Pleasant. Her mother was born in Pontypool, Wales.

  2. Sorry I missed the 2015 Reunion, but I have a good excuse: We just returned yesterday from 10 glorious days in Wales–played seven golf courses and spent a day in Pontypool where my ancestors hailed from before they reached Dunbar and Pittsburgh area about 1880. Please keep me on the invite list for next year`s event. My mail address is 25 Overlook Court, Pgh, PA 15222-4708.

    • Sounds like a great trip, Jeff. Happy to hear you were connection with your Welsh roots. Thanks for sharing your address, we’ll be sure to add it to our mailing list. Hwyl!

  3. Amazing. My daughter and her fiancĂ© were there a few weeks ago too… Cardiff and Pen y Bren. I am sure you’re added to the list! If you share your email, that will get added to an email list too!

  4. Could you please add me to your mailing list. I can be reached at the email address below. I hope I am not too late to consider attending in 2017. I am from Pittsburgh (1422 Bellaire Place, Pgh, PA 15226) and my name is Rebecca Jeffreys Heinzl. My Great Great Grandfather was Rev. John L Jeffreys. He served as minister to the congregation following Reverend David T Lewis. Thank you!

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