Historic Records Digitized

At the Home-Coming a few years ago, Salem was invited to partner with the St. David’s Society of Pittsburgh through a project of theirs called the Wales-PA Project.  That partnership is doing so much for preserving Salem’s history and broadening our community.  The Project set up an internship with Duquesne University dedicated to digitizing Salem Church’s historic records, so they would be preserved for all time and anyone with a connection to the Internet could enjoy them.

We were very fortunate to find a Duquesne student majoring in both History and English, a woman named Julie Mozelewski, who was perfect for the job.  Julie was diligent and caring about the preservation of Salem’s documents, and scanned and repaired over 1,000 pages in over a hundred total documents spanning the Association’s history, from the first Home-Comings in the 1920s to current reunions. These documents were uploaded to the People’s Collection Wales website, an initiative of the National Library of Wales. Julie told us, “It was a pleasure reading through and preserving the rich history of the Salem Church and I hope that people will enjoy looking at the documents for years to come.”

Check out all these great documents that are available to us all, any time and anywhere, thanks to the efforts of so many caring people dedicated to preserving the Welsh culture.

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